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Sample Leases & Forms

Looking for our sublet agreement or other forms?

We want to make your leasing experience as easy as possible. Here you find our sublet forms, Animal Policy Agreement, and other forms.

Sublet Forms

Interested in subletting your bedroom? Please follow the following steps:

  1. Download the Sublet Form for your specific property clicking on the button below:

210 Linden Ave - Sublet Agreement

2. Sign and fill out the form: Both you and the other party needs to sign and fill out the form

3. Email the signed document

Resident Info Form

Let us know more about you. Please fill the resident information form with your contact information, your parent/guardian contact, vehicle and pet information (if you are planning on bringing your pet). Please upload the form on our Dropbox - link on the bottom of the resident form.

Download our Resident Form
Community Rules

We love our tenants and our communities. Please read and follow our community rules so everyone can enjoy their living experience at the Live More Ithaca apartments.

Download our Community Rules
NYSEG Transfer Form & Administrative Billing Service

Tenant(s) are responsible to contact and put NYSEG (New York State Electric and Gas) in their unit name for their lease term. As a courtesy, we share the NYSEG Transfer form in the link below.

Download NYSEG Transfer Form

If Tenant(s) do not assume responsibility of the account, tenant(s) will be charged an ongoing $35 billing administrative fee, as well as monthly usage of each month. We will split your bill in your online portal to be able to pay for your utilities with your rental payment. 

Animal Policy

We require all Tenant(s) wishing to bring animals into the building to understand and abide by the rules outlined in this policy.

These policies take into account the goals of Live More Ithaca; needs of animal owning Tenant(s), along with non-animal owning Tenant(s), as well as the animals themselves. We intend to create a harmonious co-existence of all members living in our buildings, and appreciate your respect and cooperation.

This documentation needs to be provided to us regardless of whether your furry friend is a pet, service animal, or emotional support animal (ESA). This is for insurance and safety purposes. Please attach pet vaccination/vet records, and photo of your pet. We also need ESA/Support proof as well. Pet rent is $35/pet.

Planning to bring an animal to live with you? Please follow the following steps:

  1. Download the Animal Policy form below:

Download Animal Policy Form

2. Fill your animal information and sign the form confirming that you agree to abide by the terms of the animal policy.

3. Email the signed document

Questions about Sublets, Animal Policies or other forms?

Please send us your questions and we will be happy to assist you!

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